PROMPT is an ongoing program of dinner gatherings for artists and creative producers.

PROMPT intends to create a space for artists to gather, share ideas/resources and build community, while expanding CNL Projects mission to  advocate for and invest in the needs of contemporary artists.  We believe artists deeply impact and shape our communities, identify alternative ways of thinking and bring new ideas to the forefront in innovative ways. Artists have the capacity to actively engage our imagination, contribute to society, and make meaningful, deep change. 

If we believe that artists are our change-makers, then it’s critical to support them and create space to gather and exchange. We also believe community fuels artists’ practices by creating the opportunity for direct support and resources. 


PROMPT is also an experiment to take a look at what happens when we intentionally gather together to listen to the needs of our community. It also prompts us to consider the need to create a sustainable program like this, and if so, how it might continue to evolve.