EQ Office | Willis Tower

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In conjunction with a new arts initiative unfolding at Willis Tower, entitled Art of the Neighborhood, CNL Projects proudly facilitated a partnership between EQ Office/Willis Tower and the Chicago Artists Coalition (CAC) through which 10 local artists were selected for an inaugural exhibition.

CNL Projects curated Art of the Neighborhood and ensured that all participating artists received a stipend for the loan of their artwork: a core principle of CNL Projects’ work and advocacy.  EQ Office/Willis Tower was thrilled to have this new exhibition as part of their redevelopment plan, furthering its investment in local artists and culture to amplify the new vision of the building.  By the end of the exhibition, Willis Tower tenants will select and purchase one work of art to be permanently installed on their amenity floor.

Art of the Neighborhood is currently on view in the Tower’s lobby and is accessible from the Adams Street entrance. The exhibition is open to building tenants and the general public and is on view until the summer. Please visit this stunning work of local artists and stay tuned as this art program continues to develop over the next year.

Whit Forrester,  Fig. 17 Helix Hedera, Louisville, KY

Whit Forrester, Fig. 17 Helix Hedera, Louisville, KY

The 10 featured artists on exhibition:

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